Making Good Youtube Content

Here are some tips I have to improve your Youtube Channel

(Disclaimer- these are all things I think help me, not things that will guarantee success)

 1. Be Consistent

Keep your subscribers interested! But also uploading regularly provides more opportunity for you to be put in Youtube automatic recommended section.

 2. Use attractive and interesting thumbnails

Make sure your thumbnail stands out! Design them yourself instead of using the suggested ones. You can use these to help establish your brand as well,  perhaps always use one type of font or format!

3. Be genuine

I find that honesty is the best policy! By putting out a genuine, honest version of yourself on the Internet you get a more genuine and honest audience who respect you.

 4. Respect your audience

Try and respond to all your comments and listen to requests they may have. By doing this you are gaining a loyal fanbase.

 5. Create good content!

Only put content out there that you are proud of. Work hard and the benefits will soon come. Don’t worry so much about the numbers and try to focus on the quality.


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